Unmasking Paulie Bingham

Book I of the Paulie & Kate Series by Anne Carter

“The last thing I expected was to fall in love with a woman.”

Until Katrina Newman touched his face for the first time, British pop star Paulie Bingham was content with his openly gay lifestyle. That he could be any other way never entered his mind. Now, with Kate tugging at his heartstrings, he begins a journey of self-discovery that will lead him through the best—and worst—times of his life.

Though her faith in him sometimes falters, Kate’s love for Paulie never ebbs despite his obsessive ways, his foray into drugs and his habitual infidelity. But will his connection to a high-profile London murder case prove more than Kate & Paulie’s tattered relationship can handle?

Kate’s brief comments… (excerpt):

“Our relationship is incredibly complicated. Convoluted, some might say. Torturous, at times. Why didn’t I leave him then? Can anybody really answer a question like that? I loved Paulie more than anything imaginable. Life without him would have been more torturous.
“I was selfish, and stupid. So was he. We were so addicted, so utterly dependent upon each other, we feared the potential withdrawal like death. And yet . . . something was clearly missing from Paulie’s life. And mine, tho I was unable to face it. I was so focused on Paulie’s misplacement that I completely ignored the fact that I, too, treaded dark waters.
“We were good at pretending, but terribly devoted. I knew, even then, that he was suppressing his needs.” — Kate
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