For the Love of Katrina Bingham

K Bingham-Print-June1-SmlBook II of the Paulie & Kate series

by Anne Carter

Kate Bingham’s life has never been ordinary, so she has no reason to think it will settle down anytime soon. With Paulie safely across the pond and living the life he should, Kate struggles to build a new world where she can finally get what she needs. But just what she needs is the problem:  the promise of a new love, a man who’s stood by her, waited in the wings while she helped Paulie survive unfathomable pain… or has Paulie bound himself to her so intricately that she can never escape the obsession?

Rob Evans longs for a future with Kate, but he won’t hang around forever. When Jon Beale’s murderer resurfaces in Los Angeles, Kate finds herself torn between her protectors, neither of whom are truly able to keep her safe. Someone is out to hurt Paulie through the ones he holds dearest, and everyone knows Kate heads up the list.

From Paulie:

“Ah, Kate. I truly believe that she was sent to me for a reason, and maybe even, me to her. I no longer bother to count the times she’s rescued me, booted my arse back onto the track when I derail.
“Even unwittingly, like this night, when her mere presence forced me to push a freshly scored gram of Heroin into the bottom of my slap jar, then lie through my teeth to hide it.
“Even drunk, which we both clearly were, she centered me. In that few moments we spent together, she quieted my grief about the photos, reminded me that Alec, too, is a gift. She pumped up my sexuality, fed that small, needy male part of me. She touched me with her thinly disguised vulnerability. She’s not infallible, and that wee imperfection attracts me.
“She also alerted me that something is not quite right between her and Rob. It was the only really negative thing about our little rendezvous, because a part of me was happy. It’s something I can’t help.
“Will we ever stop seducing each other? I wonder how long before he found the hickey I left on her neck.”