A Public Diary?

typewriterI recently realized that I haven’t been posting to my blog for some time. Putting it off in favor of other, more important activities like eating M&M’s by the handful, watching my tire pressure gauge blink repeatedly and shopping for a Halloween costume. A few days ago a colleague posted a question to her Facebook friends:  “What would you like to see on my blog, if anything?” The few that bothered to answer admitted to not reading other peoples’ blogs, but lamented that their own blogs amounted to little more than an online, public diary; that no one reads their blogs, either. So why do it, they pondered? Is it more a self-serving activity, a place to organize our thoughts and occasionally announce an achievement, a new release, a personal appearance?

I also recently set up a newsletter mailing list. It took some time to get it all set up, with a signup page on this website, a sample “first” newsletter, the collection of a few names. And yet, I never sent it out.

Another thing I noticed is the Facebook connection. Like most people, I have my blog “networked” to automatically post to Facebook, my Amazon page, etc. Most people that do read a few lines of the blog post do so via Facebook. They don’t often click through and read it here. Therefore, is there even a benefit to posting it here to begin with?

I believe that as self-promoters, authors and indie-authors in particular have a long row to hoe, so to speak, when it comes to marketing and promotion. We tend to periodically throw things at a wall to see what will stick, never delving very deeply into any one area for fear of missing something else. Trends come and go quickly, too. By the time we try something “new” it’s often already run its course.

Still, for whatever reason, I like to blog and talk about things that are important or fun, so I will continue to do so. If anyone is actually reading this, give me a shout out and tell me what you’re doing with your blog.

And by the way, it’s a gypsy. My costume. (My next StarCrossed Romance is called, “The Gypsy in Me.” Don’t worry, I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon! Here. On the blog.)


California’s Lighthouses: The History…

…and the Mystery!

In honor of National Lighthouse Day

and in celebration of the release of my third romantic lighthouse mystery,

ANGEL’S GATE, I’ll be presenting a talk on our beautiful

West Coast beacons at Santa Clarita’s newest library!


Library poster2 copy

Free event, free parking, free refreshments and a drawing for a lovely gift basket!

Saturday, August 9, 2014  –  11:00 am

Join us in the Community Room! 

Friday Book News: Contest!

Blank white book w/pathIt’s been a great week! Ever & Always successfully launched at Amazon Kindle Store, and the paperback will be available next week; ebook is also up at Smashwords in a multitude of formats, and will eventually show up at B&N for Nook owners.

Jack McKenzie is my lucky character. People love him. And the nice things about book heroes is, they don’t really age (unless you make them age.) Jack was originally created around 25 years ago so technically, he could be quite old now, but he’s still youthful and funny and hot. Which is good because…

Jack is one of the big stars in Angel’s Gate, due for release next month. In AG, he’s a little older, a little dissatisfied with his too-calm Nor Cal life and he longs for the excitement of the film industry in L.A. But when he goes back to check things out on the studio scene, he discovers that someone’s been looking for him, someone who has reason to believe they share a common lineage. Huh? Is Jack ready for this kind of news, when he’s just buried his father? But Jack’s fans know that this man will sort things out and make the world right again. And he’ll do it romantically, LOL.

Celebrating the upcoming release of Angel’s Gate is a contest at Goodreads! Check it out here… and read Ever & Always while you’re waiting for Angel’s Gate!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Angel's Gate by Anne  Carter

Angel’s Gate

by Anne Carter

Giveaway ends June 15, 2014.

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These Cops Need Help

It seems like we’ve always had crime drama and cop shows. FBI, CIA and local law enforcement. The crime scene-forensics shows and the profilers. The buddy cops, two guys, two gals, guy-and-gal shows. Cagney and Lacey? Remington Steele? Detectives, sheriffs, beach patrols and beat cops. Cowboys, space cops, long hairs and bald, Glock-carrying detectives. You know their names, ranging from Starsky & Hutch, McCloud, and Jim Rockford to Longworth, Blue Bloods and Jethro Leroy Gibbs. Who could forget (for those of you a little youth-challenged,) Officers Toody and Muldoon of Car 54 Where Are You? Pete Malloy and Jim Reed of Adam-12? The grand-daddy of all copy shows, Dragnet?


Always fans of the crime drama, my husband and I watch several current shows every week. And lately, we’ve recognized a new trend:  the cop-helpers. As if our law enforcement heroes just aren’t capable of solving crimes on their own, these police buddies appear on the small screen weekly to assist with getting the bad guys. Topping this list is the venerable Richard Castle, novelist-turned-cop sidekick to the brilliant but obviously short-sighted NYPD Homocide detective Kate Beckett. Castle, being an amateur criminologist, comes up with wild theories and helpful clue-busters. Everyone loves “Cas-kett” and their humorous, romantic thread.

Other entries into the buddy-cop field include Elementary, Person of Interest, Perception, The Mentalist, Numb3rs and The Blacklist. In Elementary, modern-day Sherlock Holmes along with pal Joan Watson also shore up the NYPD homocide division. In Person of Interest, the NYPD gets a boost (and vice versa) from Mr. Finch and Mr. Reese, who use a high-tech “entity” to help them stop crimes before they happen. I often wonder why Detective Bell (Elementary) and Detective Fusco (POI) never meet up with Detective Beckett in Midtown?) In Chicago, Perception’s Dr. Daniel Pierce is a schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist and university professor who helps the FBI solve problems with mentally or emotionally impaired suspects, a talent they can use in just about any case.

In The Mentalist, pseudo-psychic Patrick Jane assists the California Bureau of Investigation and the FBI while working on his own agenda: to kill the man who murdered Jane’s wife and daughter. While not a true psychic, Jane is über perceptive and intuitive about people and details as a result of his upbringing among scam-artists and carnies. The now-defunct Numb3rs featured FBI special agent Don Eppes, who relied on his mathematical genius brother Charlie to sort out the probabilities of criminal actions.

Last on my short list is… The Blacklist. This show is, by far, one of the darker entries, as Red Reddington–the ultimate bad guy’s bad guy–supplies the FBI with the names of the world’s most devious villains. Red doesn’t rat out the underworld’s finest out of the goodness of his heart; he has his own dark agenda.

While I enjoy the cop-buddy angle, I think it’s about reached its peak. These particular shows are creative, thought provoking and entertaining, but it’s only a matter of time before TV crime writers create new scenarios to stimulate our imaginations. Let’s see… How about android cop? Oh, wait. Almost Human has that covered. Computer-enhanced Fed-operative? Ah. Intelligence. A small town sheriff who manifests a supernatural “trouble?” Yep, Haven. Can you come up with something new?

And yes, I know I’ve left out hundreds of great crime episodics. Feel free to comment with your favorite!

Author Blog Hop is Here!

Author Blog Hop Banner

Hello all! I’m so excited to be a part of Lady Amber’s Author Blog Hop!! So glad you stopped by. I know you have a lot of blogs to visit, so I’ll make this stop brief and fun. I guess the whole point is to make new friends, find new authors and new readers, and win great prizes! So here goes.

Introduction, please! My name is Anne Carter but you might sometimes see me as Pam Ripling. Yup, another author with two names, who writes in more than one genre. But today we are talking about mystery and romance, two of my favorite topics. I write about unsolved mysteries of the past, lighthouses, and those proverbial restless spirits. I write about stardom and love triangles. Most recently, I’ve delved into challenges with regard to love & sexuality (oooh…) in my new release Unmasking Paulie Bingham and its sequel, For the Love of Katrina Bingham, due out September 1st. (You can see all these books to the right on my Goodreads list!)

But what’s in it for you, you ask? Free copies! The prizes:

1 – “E-Boxed set” of the Beacon Street Mysteries (Point Surrender and Cape Seduction) in the format of your choice
1 – “E-Boxed set” of the StarCrossed Romances (StarCrossed Hearts and A Hero’s Promise) in the format of your choice
1 – “E-Boxed set” of the Paulie & Kate Books (titles above) in the format of your choice


1 – $25.00 Amazon Gift Card!

Enter the giveaway here!!! Just take a deep breath, fill out the answers, sigh and get ready for your next stop. OR… take a look around Beacon Street for a minute or too, explore the books and reviews and other fun stuff! Winners are chosen at random.

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Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by! Now check out the next stop, and have fun! And if you haven’t already, check out Lady Amber’s own fab stop. Good luck!