The DeClutterization of Me

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about clutter and its effect on peoples’ lives. In a more perfect world, my house would be model-home sparse and dust-free. Two of my best pals are white-glovers (and TG & KH, you know I love you to death;) neither of them can stand to have one iota of extra-anything in their homes. Both routinely purge their rooms of superfluous items. So enamored was I with TG’s clean, organized pantry, I took photos of it when she wasn’t around. I look at those photos now and then, my own private kitchen porn (see below!)

TG’s kitchen cabinet

While I wouldn’t exactly qualify for “Hoarders,” I do tend to collect stuff beyond what I should. Paperwork is a tough one for me. I keep papers for both practical and sentimental reasons. I still have my very first tax return from when I was like 18. Bank statements and credit card bills from decades ago. I’m sorry, it’s true.