Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.

What does that mean, exactly? It’s the time of the year when we

  • renew our commitment to detecting—and fighting—breast cancer;
  • review the latest information on how to help ourselves stay cancer-free;
  • remember those who are working through recovery, and those who lost their battle;
  • support those who work hard to research, to heal and to help those affected by breast cancer.


Did you know that >one in 100 breast cancer patients are men?

Did you know that according to the American Cancer Society, the chance for a woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer is 1 in 8?

Did you know that weight control is one way to decrease your risk?

For more information, here are some helpful links:

American Cancer Society

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Circle of Hope

If just one reader acts on this message by scheduling a mammogram, remembering a friend in need or making a donation, my time in writing it will be well spent.

Screening: Affordable and Smart

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’m jumping the gun because this is something you’ll want to get in on early.

Many of us are struggling with lesser or no insurance benefits these days. Preventive medicine is usually the first thing to go when we have to pay for it ourselves. But ladies, your mammogram is not something you should cross off your list. Seriously. I know they can be expensive. But listen up, because here’s a deal you can’t afford to miss:

“All Providence medical centers now offer screening mammograms at the reduced price of $100. To schedule yours, call 1-888-HEALING” says the Fall, 2011 issue of Providence Health, A Guide to Healthy Living and Quality Care. For you local gals, these centers are located in Mission Hills, Burbank and Tarzana, California.

I wish I’d know about this. For even with my limited PPO insurance with Blue Shield, my copay was way more than $100.00.

Don’t put it off, or I might have to unfriend you.