Join My Street Team!


I am looking for some kind, smart individuals to join my fan club. Okay, it’s called a “street team” and that’s another of those new buzz words I blink my eyes at. But if you’re interested, here’s the dealio:  You, after having read all or most of my books, take time to promote them within your sphere of influence. (Huh? My what??) That just means you talk up the books on your social networking sites, Tweet, etc., and help me when I hold online promotions. You write reviews and keep abreast of what’s going on with my books.street team 3 copy

If you’d like, you may also become a BETA reader.  As I churn out the books, you will get first look at the unedited manuscripts and give me some all-important feedback!

 More details:

Reviews:  You should post them on Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, etc. If you are a fan, you’re probably already doing this! So, cool! Easy!

Facebook & Other Social Media:  You “like” my pages and keep up with what’s going on. If I’m running a promotion, you share it. If I’m having a Facebook event, you stop by and participate. You get the picture. (You should have a Facebook account, Twitter account, Goodreads account and other possible promotional sites such as Pinterest.)

Spy & Troll:  Keep your eyes & ears open for things that might help me. Author signings, events, blogs, contests — places where I can make an appearance or promote my books. You never know what will turn up!

Promote:  This is as simple as talking. Keeping my promo items close by (bookmarks, cards, books, etc.) and yakking it up with your hair stylist, doctor, teacher, neighbor, the pharmacy clerk…

Read, read, read! If you are serious about helping me out and need copies of my books, let me know!

What you get:  LOVE! From me! Seriously, free books and swag as it becomes available. Acknowledgement here and on my Facebook page. Signed paperbacks on request. Free e-copies of each book. Random, surprise gifts for truly active members.

It is infinitely challenging to get word-of-mouth going, so I need all the help I can get. Your interest is truly, sincerely appreciated!