Free For All

No, not that kind of free-for-all. This is me, finally designating the first book in the Beacon Point Romance series as… FREE. Yes, friends, I did it. And it didn’t even hurt. So beginning today, Ever & Always is free-free-FREE at Amazon, iTunes, B&N, Coffee Time Romance, All Romance EBooks, Kobo and who knows where else! Before I knew it, other ebook promo sites were already posting about it. Exciting times, these. Will those downloading it for free like it well enough to pay for the other books in the set? Post good reviews? Time will tell….


Blank white book w/path

EBook free everywhere!


She’s been betrayed. More than once.
He’s been on the wrong path, ready for a change.
Hooking up should be easy, right?

Maddie’s got a boatload of baggage and a history full of emotional landmines. Can Jack solve the mystery of her past, overcome the specter of a dead lover and still come out the hero?