StarCrossed Hearts

A StarCrossed Romance by Anne Carter


ISBN: 978-0615536590
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 364
Publisher:    Beacon Street Books
On screen and off, silver screen heroes Dane Pierce and Cory “Mac” MacKendall are as different as cognac and Perrier, and newcomer Jessica Taylor loves them both. Despite his tantalizing green eyes and raw sexuality, Dane is not the man Jess thinks she needs. It is the solid and devoted–if hot-headed–Mac hwho wins her hand and her heart, and who must endure a lifelong challenge to keep that heart safe from Dane’s unending pursuit.


From Hollywood soundstage to the Grenadine Islands, STARCROSSED HEARTS makes a journey around the world and through the lives of some very real characters you will not soon forget.
“…begins with a terrific hook and never lets go. The emotions run deep and the tangles of the heart complex with this talented author’s pen. Highly recommended.” — Cindy Penn, Midwest Book Reviews.
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