Ever & Always

Blank white book w/pathEver & Always by Anne Carter

A Beacon Point Romance – the Prequel!

ISBN:  978-0692208267 (Paperback)

Genre: Romance/Mystery
Pages: 207
Publisher:    Beacon Street Books

She’s been betrayed. More than once. 
He’s been on the wrong path, ready for a change. 
Hooking up should be easy, right? 

Maddie’s got a boatload of baggage and a history full of emotional landmines. Can Jack solve the mystery of her past, overcome the specter of a dead lover and still come out the hero?

“Great prequel to a fantastic series… Ever & Always has to be one of my favorite Anne Carter stories. Jack and Maddie… must be real people, because they just came across that way for me. Ms. Carter, a master at story telling, made them real. ” — Author Susan Griscom.

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