Whisper Cape by Susan Griscom

WHISPER CAPE:  Review by Pam Ripling


Aside from the usual (I wasn’t paid, coerced, bribed or blackmailed into reviewing this book), I have to say that although I write in the paranormal genre, I’m not particularly well-read in this area. Susan Griscom (writing as Regan Walsh) might just change that.

WHISPER CAPE doesn’t read like a first novel. When I look back at my first venture in to full-length fiction, I cringe a little and remind myself that everyone has to start somewhere, right? But Susan started much nearer the top of the ladder than I did! Indeed, had I not known this was her debut paranormal romance, I would have immediately asked to see her backlist upon completing it.

This book has all the elements most of us seek when we choose a book to spend several hours of our life on. A fast-moving, snappy plot, a burning-hot hero, a strong but confused heroine, highly entertaining supporting characters, an interesting setting and great dialog. Of course, as readers, we already know we have to “suspend disbelief” to buy into a story that includes magic, teleportation, mysticism and bigger-than-life heroes. We hope we aren’t asked to go too far beyond reason, because we stubbornly want to believe in flying and fairy dust. WHISPER CAPE doesn’t disappoint; at no time did I feel like the magical elements had become too hard to swallow to enjoy the book.

I’m not going to go into an in-depth plot synopsis or character evaluation; these are easy enough to find as WHISPER CAPE is garnering great reviews all over the net. But I will say that Cael and Addy’s story is intriguing, romantic, sexy, and fulfilling; more, secondary characters Gerry and Maia will leave you wanting to read about their future when CAPE wraps up in the end. Read my interview with Susan for more on that enchanting prospect!

WHISPER CAPE is available in print and “e” versions through Amazon and various on-line booksellers. Pick up (or download) a copy and I know you’ll only regret that you have to wait for Susan’s next book!

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