The Fawn by Susan Griscom

The-FawnMy rating: 5 of 5 stars

I honestly didn’t know what to expect of this book; I did know it would be different than Susan’s other novels, more specifically her steamy paranormal Whisper Cape romance series. I also knew that The Fawn dealt with some form of domestic violence, which at first put me on edge: would it be graphically disturbing, and would I be put off by the violence brought upon an innocent young woman? The answers were yes, and no. While any form of violence against women is disturbing, I was not put off.

The Fawn is not a blockbuster, high-concept book; what it is is a novel that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, which is tell a story of good overcoming evil; the redeeming, healing qualities of love and redemption. Griscom allows the story to unfold naturally, not rushing the relationships or the revelation. The book has a “real” feel to the telling of Lena Benton’s tragic journey, and the emotions run high throughout.

I was thrilled to discover that The Fawn is only the first in a new series by Griscom, “The Beaumont Brothers.” For now, I understand only a second book is planned, but you can bet Susan’s fans will be begging for a third (including me!)


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