No Alibi by Jenny Hilborne

No AlibiNo Alibi by Jenny Hilborne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Awesome mystery from a fresh, new voice.

Or at least, new to me. Jen Hilborne is a surprisingly articulate American–for a Brit. I’ll admit to knowing in advance that this transplanted author hailed from the U.K., so I think I subconsciously expected those little Brit-isms to slip in here and there. Not that that would be bad, mind you. 🙂

This story was not one more big cliche. Different characters, different settings, different storytelling. Hilborne comes off like a seasoned pro at this stuff. It would have been very easy to stereotype the relationship between the heroine and her male best friend, but Jen took a more realistic approach. Suffice to say that Darius doesn’t walk with a lisp.
(And yes, I meant to type “walk”.)

I bought this as an ebook for my nook, but read part of it on my smartphone with the nook app. Convenient for me, since I couldn’t wait to get back to it as the mystery built. I’ll be downloading Hilborne’s MADNESS AND MURDER next!

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