Locker Shock!

LOCKER SHOCK! by Pam Ripling

ISBN:  1-59080-581-X
Genre:  Middle Grade Mystery
Pages:  130
Publisher:  Quake, a division Echelon Press, LLC.


What would you do if you found something deadly in your school locker and you suspected a friend of stashing it there?

Benjamin Mitchell thinks life really sucks when he nearly fails his history test. What’s more, he’s trying to get on the Midland Racers hockey team as a replacement goal tender. His buddies, Zach and Frasier are as different as night and day, and Ben feels like salt water taffy, stretched thinner and thinner as the boys battle for his attention. And as if things couldn’t get any worse, Valerie has suddenly started acting like a girl. The pressure is on.

But Ben has bigger problems and it looks like somebody is out to set him up. Can he find out before it’s too late?

“…a valuable story. The characterization is superb of today’s teenagers.”– Michelle Poulson-vick for Sharpwriter.