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Cover Reveal: Ever & Always by Anne Carter

ITD -E&A-2014 copy


= Coming soon from Beacon Street Books =


Jack and Maddie.

They almost connected in high school, but their fathers had different ideas.

Now, many years later, their paths cross in a beautiful Southern California park.

Each has a son, and each has a secret;  both share a need for love, passion and devotion.

But can Jack solve the mysteries in Maddie’s past, overcome the specter of her dead lover and still come out the hero?


 April, 2014


Prequel to:



ANGEL’S GATE  (June, 2014)

Back on the Chain Gang

scalesI love Chrissie Hynde, don’t you?

Today, hubby and I got back on the chain gang when we walked back into Weight Watchers and stepped on the flat black demon. Yikes!

I learned something last week about blogging and Facebook and all that. Blogs are a penny a dozen (inflation) and rarely get read unless they are really controversial. My “Best Seller” post last week only got noticed to about halfway through the first sentence. (Maybe this is why Twitter is so popular? Short reading assignments?) Truth is, I didn’t have a best seller, I was only pulling an April Fool’s Day prank on myself because I’ve never had a best seller. I guess I should appreciate my friends and “likers” for assuming it was the truth, right??? Had anyone actually clicked on the link to read about the “best seller” or went in search of where to buy it, they would have seen my clearly silly story and laughed along with me.

I’m in no way offended. I’m just as guilty of not reading your blogs. But I do feel silly. Embarrassed. Now, I think I’ll have to write that memoir about my history of love, sex and lighthouses. But how….?

It worries me a little, though. If people are too busy to read a paragraph, to click on a link to read more, how will they ever have the time to go out and VOTE today? I mean, it looks to me that even if voting was ONLINE, voters might just click on a candidate’s name without reading their bio, their mission, their goals for the office. They might select a candidate that doesn’t even exist. Imagine that.24929_1256019848302_2217107_n

My words to you that have read this far, (after THANK YOU! of course) is to get up, step away from the keyboard, read your sample ballot that you got in the mail and put in a SAFE PLACE, then head on down to the polls. Please don’t assume your vote doesn’t count. Congratulating me on a non-existent book is nothing compared to passively letting non-existing politicians skew an election.


Lying-April 1 copy

Can you believe it? Barns & Nobel just called ME to ask about stocking this book! Who would have thought that after all these years of writing, slaving over the keyboard, creating fictional worlds of love, grandeur, mystery… traipsing through all those stupid lighthouses, researching foreign lands I couldn’t care less about, answering insipid fan letters, sweltering in bookselling tents and running after book buyers with my hands out in desperation… I’ve finally hit the big time. Go figure.

You might notice there is no “buy link” in this post. That’s because the crappy publisher is behind in edits, and the printer is off today. Oh, and the cover models have filed a suit. Don’t look too closely at that cover, by the way, because we couldn’t get a high-res shot of the lighthouse so we borrowed this one from someone’s Pinterest page. I mean, who really cares?

Okay, gotta run. There’s a book signing in Needles I have to get to. Love you guys!!!


Are You Ready for a… COVER REVEAL?

E&A Cover reveal copyFans will be thinking:  ANGEL’S GATE! Cover Reveal! Yes!!!

But, no. Turns out, another book muscled its way into the front of the line. EVER & ALWAYS is a rewritten, updated version of an older novella, In Too Deep. It’s here that hero-and-sidekick Jack McKenzie makes his debut as a man at a crossroads, with a new baby and a one-night-stander complicating his life. Enter Madelyn Cross, a woman who’s all but given up on finding the right guy. A bizarre mystery from Maddie’s past, a trip around the world and some heart-rending soul-searching all serve to make EVER & ALWAYS “something every reader can relate to. Ms. Carter’s story is funny, touching, and poignant. A true pleasure from beginning to end,” according to Rhapsody Magazine. (Blush.)

Jack, of course, appears in both POINT SURRENDER and CAPE SEDUCTION as he pals around with and supports his friends, Case and Matt. In the upcoming ANGEL’S GATE, Jack returns as a main character seeking answers about his own heritage, while Maddie hides a life-altering secret. But while you’re waiting for ANGEL’S GATE, pick up a copy of EVER & ALWAYS next month so you’ll have the skinny on Jack’s colorful past!

These Cops Need Help

It seems like we’ve always had crime drama and cop shows. FBI, CIA and local law enforcement. The crime scene-forensics shows and the profilers. The buddy cops, two guys, two gals, guy-and-gal shows. Cagney and Lacey? Remington Steele? Detectives, sheriffs, beach patrols and beat cops. Cowboys, space cops, long hairs and bald, Glock-carrying detectives. You know their names, ranging from Starsky & Hutch, McCloud, and Jim Rockford to Longworth, Blue Bloods and Jethro Leroy Gibbs. Who could forget (for those of you a little youth-challenged,) Officers Toody and Muldoon of Car 54 Where Are You? Pete Malloy and Jim Reed of Adam-12? The grand-daddy of all copy shows, Dragnet?


Always fans of the crime drama, my husband and I watch several current shows every week. And lately, we’ve recognized a new trend:  the cop-helpers. As if our law enforcement heroes just aren’t capable of solving crimes on their own, these police buddies appear on the small screen weekly to assist with getting the bad guys. Topping this list is the venerable Richard Castle, novelist-turned-cop sidekick to the brilliant but obviously short-sighted NYPD Homocide detective Kate Beckett. Castle, being an amateur criminologist, comes up with wild theories and helpful clue-busters. Everyone loves “Cas-kett” and their humorous, romantic thread.

Other entries into the buddy-cop field include Elementary, Person of Interest, Perception, The Mentalist, Numb3rs and The Blacklist. In Elementary, modern-day Sherlock Holmes along with pal Joan Watson also shore up the NYPD homocide division. In Person of Interest, the NYPD gets a boost (and vice versa) from Mr. Finch and Mr. Reese, who use a high-tech “entity” to help them stop crimes before they happen. I often wonder why Detective Bell (Elementary) and Detective Fusco (POI) never meet up with Detective Beckett in Midtown?) In Chicago, Perception’s Dr. Daniel Pierce is a schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist and university professor who helps the FBI solve problems with mentally or emotionally impaired suspects, a talent they can use in just about any case.

In The Mentalist, pseudo-psychic Patrick Jane assists the California Bureau of Investigation and the FBI while working on his own agenda: to kill the man who murdered Jane’s wife and daughter. While not a true psychic, Jane is über perceptive and intuitive about people and details as a result of his upbringing among scam-artists and carnies. The now-defunct Numb3rs featured FBI special agent Don Eppes, who relied on his mathematical genius brother Charlie to sort out the probabilities of criminal actions.

Last on my short list is… The Blacklist. This show is, by far, one of the darker entries, as Red Reddington–the ultimate bad guy’s bad guy–supplies the FBI with the names of the world’s most devious villains. Red doesn’t rat out the underworld’s finest out of the goodness of his heart; he has his own dark agenda.

While I enjoy the cop-buddy angle, I think it’s about reached its peak. These particular shows are creative, thought provoking and entertaining, but it’s only a matter of time before TV crime writers create new scenarios to stimulate our imaginations. Let’s see… How about android cop? Oh, wait. Almost Human has that covered. Computer-enhanced Fed-operative? Ah. Intelligence. A small town sheriff who manifests a supernatural “trouble?” Yep, Haven. Can you come up with something new?

And yes, I know I’ve left out hundreds of great crime episodics. Feel free to comment with your favorite!

I Like Them!

Once, when I was working (term loosely used, here) in sales, I was told by some trainer/superior/mentor that that key to successful selling is liking your product. If you don’t like it, she said, how can you convince someone else to like it? It is your passion that will sell this widget. Your desire to share this fabulous thingamajig with the world. Your absolute assurance that this little whatzit will improve their life, somehow.

So I’m here to tell you, I LOVE these books! I couldn’t be more passionate about the Beacon Street Mysteries, their dynamic, sexy, charismatic players, their twisty-turny plots. My utmost desire is that you give one or two of them a read! I assure you, you’ll feel rewarded.

Starfire 2013 -C concept copyThe update:  I’ve designed new and improved covers for all my Beacon Street mysteries, and am completely overhauling an early novel, expanding it to become the prequel to the set. I’m happy to do this, especially since I just finished the first draft of Angel’s Gate. I will soon announce a blitz of cover reveals and release-day blog appearances, followed by a nice blog tour to introduce the new book and its mates.

I’m dying to show you the new covers, but, well, there’s this schedule thing. This “dangling of carrot” idea. So sit tight… in the meantime, I have a novella up at Amazon that could use a few reviews!  Starfire, by Anne Carter, only 99 cents for your Kindle